From The Beer-Keg Room

From The Beer-Keg Room

From The Beer-Keg Room

Here are some tips on a better brew from BlueSwitch, a marketing agency in NYC. 

Cold Brews

  1. For a quick DIY cooldown for beer, try the paper towel, or salt water tricks.
  2. Or, try the device invented by our own Isaac Levy’s classmates at Cooper Union in 1992 – the Cooper Cooler. Promises to take your beer (and wine, soda, etc.) from warm to frosty in 3 minutes.
  3. Magic + Beer = Frozen beer trick

Chill With Wine

  1. Forget wine coolers. The Cooler Stick takes up a lot less space.
  2. Here’s a great one for wines: Chill it without diluting using Frozen Grapes.
  3. No corkscrew? No problem. Use a shoe, or one of these 10 other methods.

Warm Up With Whiskey

  1. What can be cooler than aging your own whiskey in your own Barrel?!
  2. Turns out there are many breweries and distilleriesright here in NYC that offer tours and tastings. My wife treated me to a tour of the Van Brunt distillery in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and yes, I bought 2 bottles of the stuff.

Beer Bonus

  1. So the whole “Beer before liquor, never been sicker” thing was debunked.  (Or was it??)
  2. Beer anxiety? Read Adam’s quick guide to beer below, or for more in-depth knowledge, get The Complete Beer Course