Email Marketing


We create custom strategies to grow your subscriber base by leveraging the traffic generated by all marketing channels. Once we have a sizable email list, we begin A/B testing all emails to discover the most effective subject lines, layouts, calls-to-action, and voice.

Each email from that point is refined using knowledge gained from previous A/B tests. Users can then be segmented by their interests and past purchases to optimize all automation flows and campaigns for the ultimate, customized customer experience.


  • Automated Trigger Campaigns
  • Responsive, Trending Designs
  • Ongoing Reporting & Analysis


Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Gaiam website on mobile devices

Project Details

  •  2 sites under 1 account umbrella – Shopify Plus.
  •  Multi-store inventory management software
  • Connected both Shopify stores into one backend for easy management
  • A custom-designed order review system



How Migrating from Demandware Saves This Fitness Empire Over $250K a Year

How a multi-site migration from Demandware:

• Increased online conversion rates 70%

• Reduced page launches from months to days

• And now saves them over $250K each year

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