Mobile phone pushing toy shopping cart

It’s time to show up and stand out. The customer buying experience is changing rapidly. It’s important to dig deeper at how customers engage with brands and the platforms where brands need to show up. This is where headless commerce comes into play. Headless commerce is a system that separates the front end and back end of an eCommerce application.

Here at BlueSwitch, we are firm believers in providing the best customer experience. Not only for our clients but yours too. That’s why we partnered with Nacelle, an all-in-one platform that binds together your data from all systems to create your ultimate dream commerce tech stack. This platform helps you target the right audiences; gives you flexibility and agility to build your platform with whatever and however you want; and select what tools would bring the best customer engagement to your brand. With Nacelle, brands can develop the perfect commerce tech stack by connecting their data across all systems.

Contact our team on how you can start an eCommerce tech stack that fits your brand's needs. Create an impact not only for your company’s future but for your customers too.

    Mobile phone pushing toy shopping cart

    European Wax Center

    European Wax Center contracted BlueSwitch to architect and build out a system so

    their franchises could purchase key supplies to run their stores. The complex system

    we built leveraged our own Multify app, heavily customized to fit the needs of European Wax Center’s business model. 

    J. Queen New York Case Study

    Learn how they achieved 130% revenue growth!

    J.Queen New York is a traditional bedding manufacturer that originally sold exclusively B2B to retailers like Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more. Seeking a guide to help them launch their first Direct-To-Consumer store online, they turned to BlueSwitch in late 2020. Find out how they grew revenue more than 130% after launching in January of 2021!