Our Marketing Approach


Discovery & Planning

From analyzing existing customer data, gathering all brand/style guidelines, and reviewing all analytics and BI data, our team takes the time necessary to understand your brand objectives.


Buyer Personas

Once we know you, we get to know your customers. From defining your current customer to planning who your ideal customer of the future may be, we create personas outlining the purchase behavior, demographics, and psychographics that will aid in campaign strategy.


Campaign Creation

Once we know where your target customers are shopping, we develop strategies that allow us to advertise to your core demographic at every level of the buying journey. From paid media campaigns to automatic drip campaigns, our campaigns work together to provide an integrated approach to marketing that drives maximum ROI.


Define Objectives

Each campaign needs specific objectives with target KPIs that allow us to meet every business goal your brand is aiming for. From brand awareness to email acquisition to customer retention each campaign developed is aimed at meeting and exceeding our goals.


Creative Developement

Our marketing and design team join forces to create ad campaigns that will spark the eye of your potential customers, no matter the platform. We split test designs from color schemes to subject lines to find the best messaging for your brand. 


Reporting & Analysis

Our digital marketing services provide a holistic view of how all marketing efforts are working together to drive the optimal ROI. BlueSwitch analyzes your customer data to increase conversions from your target buyer at every stage of their journey.