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Subscription services are taking over! What used to be reserved for video streaming services or the monthly issue of your favorite magazine has now become an industry standard for goods and services. From grocery delivery to clothing boxes, hygiene products and more, people can (and will) subscribe to just about everything for pure convenience and consistency.

At BlueSwitch, we understand that it's important for companies to engage with their customers' needs. That’s why we partnered with Recharge to help streamline the subscription process. Let us take care of everything, from enabling subscription offers at a quick pace, reducing customer churn, and measuring performance while also enhancing your business. Provide value to your shoppers, while increasing customer loyalty for your company. Reach out to our team about how we can help your company grow by building a streamlined, user-friendly buying experience!

Subscription box open displaying products within

European Wax Center

European Wax Center contracted BlueSwitch to architect and build out a system so

their franchises could purchase key supplies to run their stores. The complex system

we built leveraged our own Multify app, heavily customized to fit the needs of European Wax Center’s business model. 

J. Queen New York Case Study

Learn how they achieved 130% revenue growth!

J.Queen New York is a traditional bedding manufacturer that originally sold exclusively B2B to retailers like Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more. Seeking a guide to help them launch their first Direct-To-Consumer store online, they turned to BlueSwitch in late 2020. Find out how they grew revenue more than 130% after launching in January of 2021!